Three worth attending traditional festivals of Philippines

The Republic of the Philippines is a beautiful, attractive and fascinating archipelagic country. It is a secular state but most of the people practice Christianity, hence, its culture, traditions, and festivals have the essence of the religion.  It is famous and renowned for its festivals which are unique and different in nature from those festivals which occur around the globe.

Are you planning to visit the Philippines? Are you searching for the festival which you would attend at the time of your trip? Need not to worry at all because it is the country where festivals are celebrated throughout the year. Festivals are celebrated in every nook and corner of the country.

The most unique thing about the Philippines’ fiestas is that performers and participants wear different costumes. Costumes cover their whole body i.e. from head to toe which gives very fascinating and charming effect, which cannot be found in any country of the world. Hence, it is famous for its unique and distinctive festivals all around the world.

Three distinctive festivals you must attend  

Though many events, fiestas and public holidays are celebrated in the country with their full zeal and zest yet, there are few which are more enticing and interesting to attend. Three of them are:


Ati-atihan is the most populous fiesta of Philippines. It is a religious event celebrated with full devotion. It is celebrated on the second Sunday usually in the third week of January. Ati-Atihan is Philippine’s lingual term, Ati means black Negro people particularly those who live in this region.

This country is under the influence of Spanish, so, it celebrates all the religious feasts. No matter, under what circumstances the country is going on, whether it is an economic decline or weather disaster, they will not compromise on events.

In this festival, people gather on the street with painted faces, dancing on the beat of drums. They manifest merriment by painting their bodies or face in different styles and ways. Painted face and colored customs are of much importance in such festivals.

Such themes, customs, and cultural music and songs make the festival mesmerizing and make it stand out from all other events.

People exult in a very unique and unusual way. Performances are made on the traditional, cultural or religious music or songs. It is a culturally enriched country, promotes its culture through these festivals not only within the country rather all over the world.

Sinulog- the grand event

Sinulog is centuries-old celebrated fiesta distinguished by its offering, prayers, and dances. The religious and cultural event celebrated in Cebu held on every 3rd Sunday of January. Like Ati-Atihan, it is also a Catholic religious festival.  Santo Niño Catholic celebrations are celebrated with full on devotions. Millions of people all around the Philippines come and join to rejoice this celebration. The themes, dress codes, color combinations all these ideas and inspiration are derived from their religion. Their festivals are a beautiful blend of culture and religion. Street parades, long night parties, and the performances try to connect the pagan’s history with the Catholic traditions. Due to the Spanish and Catholic influence, these festivals have a variety of performances and with the passage of time, performances and style of parades, dances and the ways of offerings are also revolutionized yet have the real essence as had earlier, these are worth seeing and attending festivals.

A lot of people from other countries come to the Philippines because of these festivals and due to its biodiversity and geographic beauty. This island is among the most beautiful island which appeals to the attention of the tourists.     

Pahiyas Festival

Creativity is at its peak that can be visualized in this festival that how people of Quezon celebrate and cherish the occasion of harvesting by making it an important and rejoicing ceremony. Annual celebrations are held in a very colorful way. It was basically a pagan festival which after so many revolutions transformed into grand colorful harvest fiesta. People of Lucban take part in this festival and put their contribution by their amazing and enticing creativity. Unlike other events, it does not constitute on the dances and street performances rather people decorate their streets and their houses in a very creative and unique way with handicrafts, fruits, vegetables, agricultural products, etc. Competitions are held among them and they are awarded the prizes. It is a fortunate opportunity for the tourists as they can have a feast for their eyes with splendid and grandeur event. There is a great opportunity for them as they can freely move around the decorated houses and can make photographs. This festival is renowned for its creativity and exceptional theme all around the world.