The 10 Best Snow Blower For Winter 2019

Snow blowers are useful in areas with snow to get rid of snow from the unwanted areas; railroad track, driveway, roadway, etc. During shopping, you are introduced to a surplus of options as there exist so many brands of snow blowers all with good features. 

Deciding on which snow blower to go for will mainly be determined by the knowledge you have on important features to check on. This prevents you from making a blunder, and at the end of the day, you end up with an item that suits your specific needs. 

To ease the burden from you, below is a discussion of some of the best snow blowers in the current market. Check them out and see which one fits your needs best; 

1. Toro 38381 Snow Blower

It is the best home snow blower because of its efficiency and reliability. The product is easy to use at any given time and offers a perfect outcome. Toro 38381 snow blower has the ability to move snow that is up to 12 and 18 inches of height and width, respectively, with just one pass. It has a fitted adjustable chute of 160o that gives ideal control when clearing the snow

2. Ariens 921046 Deluxe Snow Removal Machine

Arien is a high-quality machine best designed as a riding snow blower. It is capable of performing a massive workload without tiring out hence suited to areas with high snow density. The machine propels itself, thus making work easy and little demand on management. Ariens’ speed can be adjusted to fit diverse snow sizes. Useful even during those dark hours.

3. Snow Joe SJ625E Snow Blower

It is well designed to perfectly move snow from large driveways. Snow Joe is easy and efficient to use, built tough thus useful even in adverse weather conditions. Moreover, the heavy snowfalls will be dealt with efficiently from your driveway. The presence of dispensing chute ensures a smooth clearing of snowfall from any site you wish. Can move 800 lbs of snow per minute

4. WEN 5662 Snow Blaster

WEN has an innovative design with superior cleaning power for money and is cheap. Quality materials are used in manufacturing thus making it durable and gives the ability to cut through the snow easily. It can handle both wet and heavy snow and is capable of clearing up to a depth and width of 16 and 24 inches, respectively. 

5. Husqvarna ST224P 24 In. 208cc

Husqvarna has been found to be a beast when it comes to snow blowers. Its motor operates at 15amp, a great power-horse. It is able to clear a large snow area up to 720lbs within a short time. This is a device that has excellent features when it comes to residential snow blowing. A unique scraper blade is present which makes it possible to move snow out to the footpath with little effort application. 

6. Troy- Bilt Storm Tracker

Troy performs a magnificent operation and is top-ranked as the best two-stage snow blower. It has a credible built discharge chute that makes it endure clogs, and the chute is adjustable up to 200o. Clearing snow with Troy Bilt blower is quite easy and quick, and it can cover a considerable area.

7. Power Smart DB5023

This is a single-stage snow blower with admirable features that makes it perform an appreciable job, give long service and able to survive in any winter snowfall with little effort. The Power Smart has a very powerful engine is available that makes work simpler and easy. It clears snow up to 30 feet on the ground with the help of the powered single-stage thrower.

8. Greenworks Pro 260040

Greenworks Pro is a quality cordless snow blower and is advantageous as it can function well where there is a limited supply of electricity. This blower is associated with numerous features that make it attractive and give impressive impacts; it can operate on a battery on 24volts running up to 45minutes. It has light emissions, making it safe for the environment. 

9. Greenworks Snow Thrower 2600502

Snow Thrower is user-friendly, and its excellent materials make it long-lasting. It is best classified as an electric snow blower. It is also associated with reduced emissions, thus a key parameter in environmental preservation. A special scraper blade is fitted to powerfully remove snow out to the footpaths with reduced effort from the operator.

10. Greenworks Snow Shovel 2600802

A snow shovel is attractive, performs a It also operation with little stress and manageable by small-bodied people. The device is created to clear snow from smallest walkways reducing bending from the operator. Has a Lithium-ion battery that operates up to 56volts. Able to move snow up to 16inches deep and 12inches wide. Also contributes to environmental preservation. 

This review provides the top-most snow blower that will make you controllable to snow situations in your area. We hope they will be useful in helping you to make the right decision during your shopping. 

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4 Facts About Celebrating Makha Bucha in Thailand

Makha Bucha is one of the most popular Buddhist holidays in Thailand. If you visit this country on any full-moon day of the 3rd lunar month, you will be able to join the religious devotees to attend this important ceremony in the temple. You need to note that there are lots of dos and don’ts that you will be required to observe on this vital day.

If you are a traveler asking about the most vital things that you should know about this important day, read on for a comprehensive list. You will be able to make the essential decision that will significantly change your life and perception of this wonderful holiday.

1. Have Foundational Believes

People have the tendency of changing their preferences in life with time. However, for more than 2,000 years, when the Buddha gathered and ordained 1.250 enlightened months, the ceremony has remained relevant. The meeting was spontaneous, which makes Buddhists see it a divine day when they have an opportunity to purify their minds and focus on making the society better.

The people of Thailand highly honor Buddhist monks. These religious leaders play a key role in planning and managing the celebration. As such, the devotees offer alms to monks. In particular, they provide food early in the morning on the day. Respect and alms make it possible for the leaders to make the day a success.

The devotees believe that they can be at peace with their maker by listening to the sermons. In the evenings of the holiday, people pack the temples for this reason. In this way, the religious leaders get the opportunity to continue to shape the beliefs of the devotees.

2. Respectable Locations

There are several strategic locations within Bangkok where you experience this great day. One of such places is Wat Lat Phrao. In this place, you have the chance to see across many outstanding statues that make it unique. This temple is located near Lat Phrao 42 where there are few crowds. If you are looking for a place that is calm, it best suits you.

Wat Saket, also known as the Golden Mount, is built near Lan Luang Road on an artificially made hill. It stands out due to architectural beauty. Millions of devotees that cherish the experience of taking a 300-step climb visit the temple every year. Due to its structural beauty, this temple hosts a fair every November that thousands of tourists visit to enjoy the classic decorations, activities, and games.

Some people may be hesitant to visit this temple because they are not prepared to climb the artificial mountain. However, that is usually not the case going by the number of people who sit it each season. The effort is actually worth it. You have no reason to hesitate to enjoy the rewarding experience.

3. Accessible, Spacious Temple for All

If you are interested in visiting the largest temple in the world that ensures numbers is not a limitation, you are thinking about Wat Phra Dhammakaya. Many people travel to Thailand during Makha Bucha celebrations for the only reason of enjoying life in this giant religious structure.

Unlike the rest, you will not need to travel for long if you are flying into the country. Wat Phra Dhammakayan is close to Bangkok airport. As such, other than easy accessibility of this location, you are able to see it every time the place you have boarded lands or takes off with great ease.

This magnificent Buddhist temple is built on 800 acres of land. This confirms the assertion that it is stunningly large. Moreover, you will be happy to see its beautiful features. The more than 300,000 pictures that are strategically placed in the 150 buildings in the temple’s vicinity make everything unique and interesting.

4. Easy-to-Obey Regulations

While Makha Bucha is a public holiday in Thailand, you will still be able to do many transactions. If you want to visit a public officer, such as a bank or a commercial center, be sure that nothing will prevent you from doing that.

When visiting any of the temples, you will not suffer any harm if you obey the basic rules. The only thing you should do is maintain the decorum of the place. In case you want to make calls, for example, ensure you keep your voice as low as possible. If you are accompanied by your dogs, be sure you have the right vocation products. For useful buying guides, product reviews, and travel tips visit

The only thing that is completely outlawed in that day is alcohol. You will not be able to buy liquor. Possibly, you can buy a few bottles from your local pubs and bars at least a day before the D-Day.

Bottom Line

Thailand is the home of the most stunning Buddhist temples across the world. In fact, even the world’s largest temple is strategically located near the nation’s top airport. Due to this and other factors, devotees always flock Thailand to reap the religious experience of the annual practice in the land. Do the same if you want to wear the white robes as you mediate in your preferred temple.

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